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Google introduces Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Measurement Partners

Google’s Ads Data Hub helps advertisers do customized analyses for their business objectives while maintaining user privacy. Because marketers and measurement partners have different needs, Google has created two different solutions: Ads data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners. Ads Data Hub for Marketers The Ads Data Hub for Marketers is a way for advertisers to analyze their data, get access to insights, and be better informed when they buy media. Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation. Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) is a solution that gives publishers and advertisers the option to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data for audiences who have visited both an advertiser’s and a publisher’s site. New query templates, automated workflows, and reporting updates will reduce the time needed to generate insights. With the implementation of PAIR, marketers will be able to activate their audience segments on new inventor

3 new tools to measure Google app performance and privacy

Google has just announced three new tools to measure cross-platform app conversions, strengthen performance with privacy-focused measurement, and adapt to iOS and Android standards. Cross-platform conversion measurement. Without cross-platform conversion tracking, google says advertisers will have measurement gaps and optimization limitations across web and app campaigns. To solve this issue, and help advertisers set up conversion tracking, Google is testing alpha testing Web to App Connect, a toolkit that guides advertisers through the process step by step. Deep linking. Google is also prioritizing a frictionless web-to-app experience through deep linking. Deep linking connects the mobile web experience to the company’s app to ensure a smoother, faster, checkout experience. Web to App Connect will be available in beta early next year. Privacy-focused measurement. Google Analytics for Firebase, Google’s privacy-forward measurement solution, provides advertisers with cross-platf

10 spooky SEO tactics to axe in 2023

It was a cold, dark night. At the end of the long path was an old, rundown mansion covered in cobwebs. Inside was a candle flickering next to the shadow of a person.  You rub the frost off the stained-glass window on the doorstep, and there’s just enough light to see what the man inside is doing. He’s moving his body from side to side, chanting numbers – what could it be? Black magic?  You put your ear to the window to find out what you can hear – and you can make out … something: “One, two, three, four paid links!”  Alas – he’s not a sorcerer at all – but something even more chilling: A marketer performing the ancient practice of black hat SEO!  Does this tale spook you as much as it does me? It’s almost 2023, and if you’re involved in buying links – or any of the 10 things I’m about to detail in this article – you won’t have a chance to compete in the search results. So without further ado, here are 10 spooky SEO practices to axe in 2023. 1. Not getting buy-in from the top Y

Microsoft Performance Max import updates

Microsoft Ads has just launched a solution within the Google Import tool to simplify duplicating your Performance Max campaigns across platforms.   They’ve also started a pilot program for importing Performance max campaigns that aren’t using a Merchant Center. The new experience will import these campaigns as Search campaigns and create Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).  Best practices. Microsoft outlines the following best practices for importing Performance Max campaigns using the Merchant Center. The following are best practices for importing Performance Max campaigns without Merchant Center. Use the Google Import Tool. You can access the Google Import Tool here . Dig deeper. Read the Microsoft blog announcement and access the setup checklist here. Why we care. The post Microsoft Performance Max import updates appeared first on Search Engine Land . Via Search Engine Land

5 things your Google Looker Studio PPC Dashboard must have

If you’re just getting started with Google Looker Studio , you’ve probably experienced blank-page syndrome. You get your data source connected, open up a new file, and you have no idea what to do next. There are no instructions. No guide rails. Just you and an empty page to fill. And while you can start with a template ( Google Looker Studio Report Gallery has several), it’s still tough to know how to customize it to perfectly fit your needs. Here are some tried-and-true elements to include in PPC dashboards and reports that will banish blank-page syndrome and give your stakeholders the insights they crave. 1. Titles, subheads and context When you add a chart in Google Looker Studio, you select the data source, dimensions, metrics and date range from the Data Panel to populate your visualization. But your reader doesn’t see the Data Panel and won’t know what your chart is about unless you take an extra step to include it in your dashboard. The two graphs below show identical d

13 essential SEO skills you need to succeed

What is the greatest skill in SEO? If you believe this tweet , it’s patience . Although patience is a great answer, I would never say there is a “greatest” SEO skill. Why? Because SEO requires various hard skills (things you can learn or be taught) and soft skills (how you work and interact with others) to succeed. As I’ve always found, asking many SEO professionals one question will get a wide variety of opinions. So I asked several SEO professionals what they would consider the greatest skill in SEO. Here’s what they told me. 1. Research and troubleshooting Dave Davies , Lead SEO, Weights & Biases   “As far as greatest skills go, I have to go with the stock SEO answer: It depends. In this case, though, it really does. If the practitioner is content-focused, then writing skills combined with strong research abilities (both SEO and subject-based) would definitely top my list. If the practitioner is a technical SEO, then the most important skills skew to technical knowle

4 digital marketing pain points SMBs face today by Microsoft Advertising

To succeed as a small or medium-sized business (SMB), employees must work smarter. Tight budgets and scrappy teams require innovation at every level — from the Founder and CMO, e-commerce Marketing Director to VP of Marketing, Social Media Director to Paid Search Strategist. This opportunity to bring creativity and agility to the table is one of the many reasons why employees find SMBs rewarding workplaces. Employees can help define the company vision. They can imagine ways to actualize this vision. And often, with SMBs, the product offering aligns with employee values and belief systems.  But let’s face it. The job of a digital marketing decision-maker within an SMB can be challenging— from the long hours to shifting budget priorities. Some might say digital marketing for an SMB is just as hard as creating the company product, thanks to ever-changing platforms, resources, content demands, and time constraints. Getting seen by the right audience can be difficult. A challenging dig

How to make the most of Performance Max this holiday shopping season

Performance Max is one of the biggest shifts to automation that we’ve seen from Google. How do we make it work this holiday shopping season? Ideally, you should’ve prepared everything in advance. Black Friday is in ~30 days! If you’re just starting now, you’re already behind. Below are some ways you can still get ahead. 1. Audience signals This is the most underrated part of Performance Max, but likely the most important. Google gives you the ability to input signals on who the system should target. Upload your customer and email lists, compile top keywords, use interests etc. We’ve found success with the following audience signals: Customer match High-value customers 2021 holiday shoppers Email subscribers Custom intent Competitor names and URLs High-intent (bottom-funnel) keywords Tip : Use the Klaviyo and Google Ads integration. 2. Asset groups With PMax, it’s important not to shock the system by making drastic changes. It’s better to make smaller and mor

Licensed healthcare providers eligible to apply for new YouTube product features

YouTube has just announced that licensed healthcare providers can now apply to make their channels eligible for new health product features – a suite of information resources released last year. What this means. The health product features previously launched include health source information panels to help viewers identify videos from authoritative sources and  health content shelves  that highlight videos from these sources when you search for health topics, so people can more easily navigate and evaluate health information online. Previously, those features have only been available to educational institutions, public health departments, hospitals, and government entities. The new guidelines will make the features available to a wider group of healthcare providers. How to apply. Eligible healthcare providers can apply starting today using the guidelines below, taken directly from the YouTube blog announcement . Applicants must have proof of their license, follow  best practice

Reddit is building an Ads API, first 4 partners announced

Reddit is working on a new Ads API and have just announced their first four alpha partners. The partners will be integrated into the API and are helping build solution that will inevitably help advertisers build, scale, and optimize campaigns. Who are the partners. The four partners involved in Reddit’s new venture are: Vidmob Sprinklr adMixt PMG Who will benefit. Reddit’s API will benefit advertisers spending at scale, as well as self-serve advertisers who are using Reddit ads for the first time. Release date. The API is still in development and there is no release date published at this time. Reddit says they are looking to “bring more strategic developers on board in the coming months.”  What Reddit says. “We have long had the aspiration to build an ecosystem of partners via our API that enables more effective and efficient campaign management on our platform. The Reddit Ads API will allow a global, diverse set of partners and clients to access all the capabilities we

GA4 gets new homepage experience, 5 new features

Google has just unveiled several new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) updates, including a new homepage experience, real-time behavioral modeling reports, and custom channel grouping. Insights through machine learning Behavioral modeling. Behavior modeling with real time reporting will give advertisers a complete picture of user behavior as it happens, in a privacy-centric way.  Behavior modeling uses machine learning to fill in the gaps of your understanding of customer behavior when cookies and other identifiers aren’t available. Real-time updates will be available in the near future to give advertisers a complete view of the customer journey as it’s happening. The new home page experience. Originally previewed at Google Marketing Live and available to all advertisers as of today, is personalized for customers, highlighting key top-line trends, real-time behavior and their most viewed reports. Additionally, it uses machine learning to look for trends and insights and surfaces them dir

Crawl efficacy: How to level up crawl optimization

It’s not guaranteed Googlebot will crawl every URL it can access on your site. On the contrary, the vast majority of sites are missing a significant chunk of pages. The reality is, Google doesn’t have the resources to crawl every page it finds. All the URLs Googlebot has discovered, but has not yet crawled, along with URLs it intends to recrawl are prioritized in a crawl queue. This means Googlebot crawls only those that are assigned a high enough priority. And because the crawl queue is dynamic, it continuously changes as Google processes new URLs. And not all URLs join at the back of the queue. So how do you ensure your site’s URLs are VIPs and jump the line? Crawling is critically important for SEO In order for content to gain visibility, Googlebot has to crawl it first . But the benefits are more nuanced than that because the faster a page is crawled from when it is: Created , the sooner that new content can appear on Google. This is especially important for time-limite