Google adds learning video rich results

Google has launched new learning video rich results and with that structured data markup support. This is a new form of rich results that is available to be shown in English desktop and mobile search results, specifically for searches related to academic learning content.

What are learning video results. Google said these are videos that provide “educational level and concept and skills covered in the video” that have learning-specific information with structured data. “Learning Video markup is intended to give more visibility into the educational contents of the video. The markup can hold information about the various concepts and skills taught in the video,” Google added.

What they look like. Google provided the screenshot below as a sample, but we have yet to see a raw learning video rich result in the wild just yet:

When it shows. Google said learning video results can show in English in all regions where Google Search is available, when searching for academic learning content on desktop and mobile.

Guidelines. Here are the guidelines for using learning video structured data:

Technical guidelines

  • In addition to Learning Video markup, you must add the VideoObject required and recommended properties.
  • The video must be publicly available to watch without a subscription.
  • The total video duration must be a minimum of 30 seconds.
  • Learning Video markup must be added to a page where users can watch the video. It’s a bad user experience to point users to a page where they can’t watch the video.

More technical details can be found in this help document.

Why we care. If you offer learning videos, educational, or how-to videos – you may want to investigate adding this new structured data markup to those pages. Anything you can do to richen up your Google search results can help drive a higher click-through-rate and possibly more conversions.

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