Google Search Console reporting issue with News performance report

Google Search Console’s News performance report had a logging error which may have resulted in displaying a drop in impression and clicks from Google News.

Google said this was just a reporting glitch and it had no real impact on how your site was ranking or serving in Google News.

The notice. Google posted this notice here stating “Because of a logging error, site owners might see a drop in their Google News data during this period. This is just a logging error and not a real drop in Google News performance.”

Timeframe impacted. The timeframe where Google had this logging error was between May 12, 2022 through May 26, 2022.

Why we care. If you have or will provide clients with reporting, keep in mind the News performance report had logging issues for about half of the month of May. Make sure to annotate this logging error and communicate this to your clients and stakeholders.

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