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Google drops support for job training structured data

Google has dropped support for job training structured data and rich results in Google Search. Google said based on its initial tests, the search company “found that it wasn’t useful for the ecosystem at scale.” Not useful. Google posted about this saying “We initially tested this markup with a group of site owners, and ultimately found that it wasn’t useful for the ecosystem at scale.” Google did not say how large its tests were but just said it did test this in Google Search. Other job rich results not impacted. Google added that this does not affect any other features that may use Job training markup. Plus, Google said you are welcome to “leave the markup on your site so that search engines can better understand your web page.” Although, I am not sure which other search engines use this this markup. Why we care. If you were using job training structured data, Google will no longer show them as rich results in Google Search. You may notice click through rate changes on those p

NP Digital acquires keyword research tool AnswerThePublic

Digital marketing agency NP Digital announced today that it has acquired AnswerThePublic, a popular freemium keyword research tool. Terms of the deal were not revealed.   NP Digital, which was co-founded by marketing influencer and entrepreneur Neil Patel, is also the owner of another popular freemium keyword research tool, UberSuggest.  What this means for AnswerThePublic users. All the tool’s existing features will remain. Users can continue to access the tool via its website or app.  There are a couple of noticeable changes so far, including the addition of “by UberSuggest” under AnswerThePublic’s logo in the main navigation and Patel’s face on a dancing robot’s body on the homepage. AnswerThePublic has approximately 1 million monthly users and has been a favorite among search marketers for years. NP Digital said it is working on new free features for marketers.  However, the tool hasn’t gotten any significant updates or improvements lately. That’s because the owners weren’t

Google Search Console reporting issue with News performance report

Google Search Console’s News performance report had a logging error which may have resulted in displaying a drop in impression and clicks from Google News. Google said this was just a reporting glitch and it had no real impact on how your site was ranking or serving in Google News. The notice. Google posted this notice here stating “Because of a logging error, site owners might see a drop in their Google News data during this period. This is just a logging error and not a real drop in Google News performance.” Timeframe impacted. The timeframe where Google had this logging error was between May 12, 2022 through May 26, 2022. Why we care. If you have or will provide clients with reporting, keep in mind the News performance report had logging issues for about half of the month of May. Make sure to annotate this logging error and communicate this to your clients and stakeholders. The post Google Search Console reporting issue with News performance report appeared first on Search

Google’s May 2022 core update impact was mixed, but it touched down fast and seemed very large

On May 25, 2022, Google began rolling out the  May 2022 core update , this update came over six months after the November 2021 core update , whereas there was about four and a half months span between the November update and the  July 2021 core update . This was the the first update we had in 2022, in contrast, in 2021, we had a total of three core updates. Historically, we have waited longer to report on the impact of these core updates but honestly, after writing several of these core update impact stories, generally the vast majority of the impact is realized within the first few days of the update (although there have been outliers to this). With this update, the impact was felt super quickly, within 24 hours of the announcement, so we feel it is now safe to report on the impact of this May 2022 core update. Data providers on the May 2022 core update: Generally the data providers, which have consistently been Semrush and RankRanger for these reports, have agreed on how volatile

4 technical SEO issues auditing tools won’t show you

Throughout the history of SEO , people have debated the pros and cons of relying on technical SEO tools. Relying on the hints from auditing tools isn’t the same thing as a true SEO strategy, but we’d be nowhere without them. It’s just not feasible to manually check dozen of issues page per page. To the benefit of the SEO industry, many new auditing tools have been created in the past decade, and a few of them stand strong as industry leaders. These few technical auditing tools have done us a great service by continuing to improve their capabilities, which has helped us better serve our clients, bosses and other stakeholders. However, even the best auditing tools cannot find four important technical SEO issues that could potentially damage your SEO efforts: Canonical to redirect loop Hacked pages Identifying JS Links Content hidden by JS Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. Processing...Please wait. SUBSCRIBE See terms. Why to

The latest jobs in search marketing

Every week, we feature fresh job listings for search marketers, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back every Friday. If you’re looking to hire, please submit your listing here — please note that we will not post listings without a salary range. May 27 Paid Media Specialist @ Marion Relationship Marketing (U.S. remote) Salary : $55-65k/yr Own the development, management, and optimization of all client search, social, display, and video advertising initiatives. Collaboration with ownership on process documentation for campaign creation, monitoring, and analysis. Marketing Analytics Developer @ Happy Cog (U.S. remote) Salary : $80-100k/yr Build and maintain datasets in data warehouses like BigQuery. Execute, often with support of our development team, GTM implementation strategies. Senior SEO Specialist @ Searchbloom (U.S. remote) Salary : $65-75k/yr Manage and communicate SEO as a business strategy with measurable goals. Work with cross-functional teams t

3 content marketing strategies to support SEO success

“When we think about [SEO] success, we often think about ranking on the first page of Google,” said Jon Lightfoot, founder and CEO of Strategic SEO Solutions, in a recent webinar. “But beyond ranking [at the top], there’s something more [important], which is ranking for the right keywords.” Ranking for the topics your target audience is searching for doesn’t come from keyword stuffing or overemphasizing keyword density . Success in this area relies on crafting quality content that audiences love and search engines recognize as authoritative. Here are three effective content strategies Lightfoot recommends marketers enact to support SEO success. 1. Identify user intent “Intent is the purpose behind the [user’s] search,” Lightfoot said. “There are four buckets to understand and nurture when it comes to your strategy.” The four areas of user intent he identified relate to specific content or services searchers are looking for. They are as follows: Informational : Searchers looking

Google Analytics 4 guide for PPC

Like many of you, the first time I looked at Google Analytics 4, I immediately closed it and said, “nope!” A year passed. Then we learned that Universal Analytics was going away in 2023 , which finally forced me to explore GA4. It feels like going from Windows to Mac. You just have to know what you’re looking at. Universal Analytics is going away You really need to install GA4 on your website and set up goals. I cannot stress enough how important it is to install GA4 now, even if you’re going to wait until July 2023 to fully learn how to use it.   In July 2023, UA will go away. You will need to be able to compare year-over-year data. You can’t do that if you haven’t installed GA4 on your website this year. You will have to export reports from UA and GA4 and somehow combine them. You can do that in Data Studio, but it is a huge hassle. Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. Processing...Please wait. SUBSCRIBE See terms. GA4 uses

SEO reporting to impress: How to successfully report your SEO process, efforts and result

None of us have likely become an SEO for the love of reporting, in fact, it’s among the least favorite activities for many SEOs based on a poll I did a while ago.   However, decision-makers care a lot about reporting as it’s how we communicate and they assess the SEO process investment and overall success. In fact, the effectiveness of SEO reports can end up being the difference between getting fired rather than more SEO support or a raise by decision-makers.  Despite this, many SEO reports are broken as they’re just a compilation of dashboards automated via tools featuring SEO metrics. I asked over Twitter and 41% of SEOs who answered said to only use a dashboard with data for SEO reporting.  Data from our SEO dashboards can be included in reports but they can’t replace them as a whole: an SEO dashboard is a visualization resource that contains the most important, latest status of all metrics we want to follow up from our SEO process, to easily monitor its progress at any time.