AdWords - Nightmare at First but Most of the Time a Blessing

This post is going to be about a recent client of mine but the situation isn't unique to this particular client. It is the notion that they know best. Whether it be because they know their industry better than you or they flat out think they are smarter than you. The reality is very simple, I have a lot of clients, across different industries and I DO ADWORDS EVERYDAY! Unless you do AdWords everyday there is very little chance you know what you are doing at a higher level than me. Chances are you do know your industry better than me but that does not equal any sort of aptitude in the world of AdWords.

You could have been running AdWords for years "successfully" but when hiring an agency or professional AdWords manager they are going to still need to make some changes or experiment with your account. For example, I once had a client that ran a very successful eCommerce site. The gentlemen that owned the multi-million dollar company also ran their AdWords. For the most part it was set up "fine" and had a 600% return on as spend (ROAS) on an unlimited budget. When he handed the keys to his empire over to me he wanted me to just maintain what he was already doing without making any big changes. The problem was that I immediately noticed things that he was doing wrong and potential sales were consistently left on the table. After a couple weeks of managing and practically begging to make some sweeping changes he finally turned me loose. Days into my changes his ROAS shot up to 900% and revenue increase 35%. The owner was a very smart man and a very very successful business owner but the thing he was not was an AdWords professional. Once he actually heeded the advice of a professional he saw how successful AdWords could really be for him.

To summarize this particular post. If you are going to do AdWords at any sort of scale you need to hire a professional that does it everyday. They really know how to stretch budgets and get you a return on your investment. If you aren't going to hire a professional you need to really engulf yourself in the world of AdWords and you should be prepared to treat it as if this were another full time job because it really is. If you were to give someone such as myself the opportunity to run your AdWords, you need to give me a few months to really get your account humming. It will hurt at first and will seem like you are losing money hand over first but I promise you that it is worth it in the long run.


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