What is CPA & Types of CPA programs: CPA tutorials for beginners part-1

What is CPA?

CPA= Cost Per Action or Cash Per Action. 

CPA success: What is CPA

Advertiser spend a specific amount for every leads from the publisher to expand their deals, sales or even increase their brand exposure. And the hole system called CPA. To accomplish this, The advertiser go to a CPA network or set up a affiliate system & recruit affiliates who will be paid a specified amount each time gets performed an action or generates a lead under their TOS.

Types of CPA programs:
  1. CPS: Cost Per Sale or Cash Per Sale. Advertiser pays the affiliates a fixed amount amount or a percentage of the sale.
  2. CPL: Cost Per lead or Cash Per lead. Advertiser pays a fixed amount for attracting people who fill out a lead form.
  3. CPM: Cost Per (1k) impression or Cash Per (1k) impression. Advertiser pays for the number of  impressions that the publisher can generate.
  4. CPC:  Cost Per Click or Cash Per Click. Advertiser pays the publisher for each click to a website.


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