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How To Change Font Size In Notepad++

Notepad++ is one of the most popular word typing software. Sometimes it is really necessary to change its font size for a better views. In this tutorial three method has shown on Changing Font Size In Notepad++.    #1 Increase font size scrolling mouse wheel: Hold " Ctrl " and scroll up mouse wheel for big size & scroll down small size. #2 Using keyboard: Hold " Ctrl " and press "+" for big size & "-" small size. #3 Notepad++ Style Configuration: Goto Menu > Settings > Style Configurator and Set your desired Font size. Click on " Save & Close ".

Steps on how to build a stunning blog on blogger

Blogger is one of the biggest blogging platform on online service provided by google.  Now a days it has been a most popular method for building a web journal/diary/blog for both beginners and webmasters for free. Lets see Steps on how to build a stunning blog on blogger, #1 Type "" on your web browsers address bar and hit "enter" on keyboard. #2   Sign in using valid access details. If you don't have a google account yet, create a new one.   #3   Click on "New blog" button. #4   Register a new blog: Enter "Title & blog URL" > Select a template which fits your blog best > hit "Create Blog" button once highlighted. #5   Congratulations, your blog has been created successfully. Now you can go ahead making your first post.