How to get more out of your email marketing with SafeOpt

Let’s face it: many consider email marketing boring. It’s not as flashy as jumping onto BeReal or TikTok, and besides, does Gen Z even use email? Email marketing can be an exciting channel because it drives a lot of revenue for your business. Research shows that you can expect a 42X ROI when you invest in email marketing. So, let’s go over a few ways you can supercharge your email marketing and make it exciting again. And yes, Gen Z still uses email – they actually prefer it as the way for brands to communicate with them . Recover lost shoppers with verified offers Online shoppers routinely abandon their carts, leading to lost sales. If it’s someone you have in your existing customer database, you might rescue that sale with an abandoned cart email. But if they weren’t logged in, the only option is to buy retargeting ads which don’t guarantee a strong ROI. Thanks to platforms like SafeOpt , you can tap into an email list of 175M+ U.S. shoppers to send them a brand-approved off

Google Analytics 4: A breakdown of Demographic and Tech details reports

Google Analytics 4 may look simple on the surface, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Did you know that there are multiple reports hidden in GA4? Out of the box, the left-side navigation in GA4 looks pretty bare. There are only 18 reports vs. the 90+ (not including integration reports) in Universal Analytics.  But contrary to popular belief, GA4 actually has a lot of the same reports built in. The best examples of this are the GA4 Demographic details and Tech details reports. Where the reports are in Universal Analytics In Universal Analytics, these are all separate reports and each report is separated into subcategories as seen below. On top of this, UA sometimes has additional dimensions you can choose from. For instance, you can switch to “City” instead of “Country.” But this made it confusing to know whether a report was standalone or another dimension in a single report.  Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. Processing…Plea

Webinar: Your customer insights can help you thrive in economic uncertainty

Most marketers work day in and day out to stay on top of how their market is evolving, but just one unexpected factor can shift the entire trajectory of your industry. Join this webinar for an eye-opening discussion about how to identify consumer concerns, determine market barriers and where potential gaps may be using consumer and market intelligence. Register today for  “Sink or Swim: 5 Ways to Survive a Struggling Economy,”  presented by NetBase Quid. Click here to view more Search Engine Land webinars. The post Webinar: Your customer insights can help you thrive in economic uncertainty appeared first on Search Engine Land . Via Search Engine Land

Google September 2022 Core Update rollout is now complete

Google has confirmed that the September 2022 Core Update – the second core update this year – has completed rolling out. Released on Sept. 12, it took two full weeks to roll out. And it came three days after the helpful content update finished rolling out on Sept. 9. Rollout complete. According to Google’s search ranking update page , “The rollout was complete as of September 26, 2022.” The page seems to have been updated about an hour ago. September 2022 Core Update impact. Based on data from tracking tools, the September 2022 core update hit fast, but was less impactful than previous updates . While there was some rank volatility, the consensus was that it was weaker than past Google core updates. What to do if you are hit.  Google has previously given advice  on what to consider if you are negatively impacted by a core update. Google has said you can see some recovery between core updates , but the most significant changes will come following a future core update. Product Re

Natural language search – what’s all the hype?

Traditional search engines use manual tagging or keywords queried against their index to provide results to a customer. This neglects what your customers think, how they behave and what they expect from their search experience. With the evolution of search experiences provided by personalization masters like Google, Amazon and Netflix, customers want the same personalized experience on every website they visit. Natural language search is essential to providing users with the relevant search they crave. It moves beyond keyword matching and programming tedious manual rules. It uses artificial intelligence to infer meaning from complex queries. It learns from data and search patterns to provide a uniquely personal search experience to every customer. During this webinar , presenters discuss why NLP is gaining momentum and why companies should start investing in tools with NLP to help organizations better predict intent, surface content and customize digital experiences for everyone.

15 horrible mistakes even professional online writers make

Writing. Everyone thinks they can do it, no one wants to do it, and it’s never perfect. We love writing because it stimulates the mind, informs us of something new, and teaches us new ways to think about important topics in our lives.  However, writing can be a difficult skill to master. Even when you think you have, you’ll keep making the same mistakes as when you started.  Likewise, writing requires intense discipline and is not for the wandering or distracted mind.  So the next time you make a mistake or find yourself procrastinating content for a client, don’t sweat it. Even professional writers make some of these common mistakes.  1. Not knowing your target audience  Content requires focus and purpose.  Unfortunately, even as a seasoned veteran in the digital marketing industry, it’s easy to write broad content based on a few high-volume keywords with little relevance.  Writing content without understanding your audience is like throwing money at the wall and hoping it sti

TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit

TikTok video descriptions, once limited to 300 characters, have now been updated to 2,200 characters. What this means. The update was first noticed by social media consultant Matta Navarra on Twitter, who posted that the new character limit allowed users to express more details about their content, generate more engagement, and make their videos more searchable. Woah…! TikTok has increased video description character limit to 2,200 characters! This is huge for creators and massive in terms of TikTok’s plans for becoming a search engine — Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) September 23, 2022 Early reactions. Some people on Twitter aren’t too thrilled with the update. Ash-win Fern-&-es posting “But no one really reads the description there. Would be helpful for some to add more hashtags though.” Grady Hopper says “I don’t get why this matters 95% of most people’s views probably come from fyp not search.” FYP is TikTok’s “For You” Page, where they s