Webinar: The key to email marketing success

Marketers are being asked to do more with available resources while still delivering against tough targets. Pivoting this from a no-win mission to a job-well-done scenario is a no-brainer. The simple solution? Entrusting your email marketing to a reliable and scalable platform. During this webinar, you’ll learn how Hertz has tackled their ESP sprawl, grew its marketing team and scaled operations through consolidation efforts. Register today for “ Why Finding the Right Platform is the Key to Winning in Email Marketing, ” presented by Salesforce. The post Webinar: The key to email marketing success appeared first on Search Engine Land . Via Search Engine Land

The latest jobs in search marketing

Every week, we feature fresh job listings for search marketers. Make sure to bookmark this page and check back every Friday. Are you looking to hire? You can submit your listing here for free. Please note that we do not include listings without a salary range. Newest jobs in SEO, PPC and marketing Senior Program Manager , SEO, Amazon Web Services (AWS) (Seattle) Salary: $71,000 to $131,000 (annual) Developing processes and mechanisms for efficiency and improved communication and collaboration within the team as well as with partnering teams and stakeholders. Collaborate on highly visible cross-functional SEO initiatives throughout the project lifecycle, from gathering requirements, design and development, to testing, launch, and support. Global Head of SEO , Glassdoor (Remote or San Francisco, Cleveland, Chicago, London, Dublin) Salary: $127,000 to $190,000 Lead all aspects of globally-distributed, experienced, in-house SEO team, including three direct reports. This is a

IndexNow attributed for 7% of all new URLs clicked on in Bing in the past month

7-percent of all the new URLs clicked on URLs in Bing Search in the past month were sourced from the IndexNow protocol , Fabrice Canel from Microsoft told Search Engine Land. In fact, IndexNow has grown a lot, with more than 16 million websites that are using IndexNow, they are publishing over 1.2 billion URLs per day to the IndexNow API. IndexNow’s growth. In February 2022 IndexNow has grown to  support millions of sites  by adding integration with Duda, All in One WordPress SEO plugin and Rank Math SEO plugin. Microsoft released a simple-to-use  WordPress plugin for IndexNow  and Google announced it  would be testing  this protocol. Then in February 2022, Microsoft said 80,000 websites are now using IndexNow for URL submission.In March 2022 SEOPress added integration building the platform by another 200,000 sites. In June, Yoast SEO added support providing easy access for a lot of WordPress sites to turn on the feature. With those providers integrating IndexNow, it gained million

SEO and the future world without cookies

Third-party cookie tracking is going away, and the SEO industry is ready and diligently preparing ambivalent and posting memes on Twitter. SEO has been dealing with the lack of cookie tracking since its existence. So does the cookie’s demise actually matter? Well, my friends, I’m here to tell you two things. The good news: this change means something and there’s an opportunity.  The bad news: it’s not going to be easy. It takes some smart chops to get done, plus considerable resources you’re not likely to get sitting over there in the SEO corner of the office (remote, of course).  What’s the situation? Legislation, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), are tightening up how advertisers can use to track users.  I think the claim behind this initiative – that consumers want more control of their data – is partly valid but not tremendous.  Most users don’t care and don’t think about who’s tracking them, excep

Google reporting issue with Search Console Discover report

Google had a data logging error that impacted the Discover performance report in Google Search Console. This occurred on July 26, 2022 and may result in a drop in the number of clicks and impressions that Google logged. This did not impact your rankings or visibility, it was just a reporting glitch. The issue. Google wrote that on July 26 “due to a logging error, site owners might see a drop in their Discover clicks and impressions during this period. This is only a logging error, it is not a drop in actual views or clicks.” Reporting issue only. Again, this did not impact your visibility in Google Discover, it is just an issue with reporting and data logging. So it may appear like you saw a drop in visibility but in reality, it was just an issue with Google’s reporting engine. Here is a screenshot showing the annotation Google put on the report: Fix coming? There does not appear to be a fix coming to replace the data, it seems like the data is gone and you will just have to

The 4 stages of search all SEOs need to know

“What’s the difference between crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking?” Lily Ray recently shared that she asks this question to prospective employees when hiring for the Amsive Digital SEO team. Google’s Danny Sullivan thinks it’s an excellent one. As foundational as it may seem, it isn’t uncommon for some practitioners to confuse the basic stages of search and conflate the process entirely. In this article, we’ll get a refresher on how search engines work and go over each stage of the process.    Why knowing the difference matters I recently worked as an expert witness on a trademark infringement case where the opposing witness got the stages of search wrong. Two small companies declared they each had the right to use similar brand names. The opposition party’s “expert” erroneously concluded that my client conducted improper or hostile SEO to outrank the plaintiff’s website.  He also made several critical mistakes in describing Google’s processes in his expert report, wher

Google steps up featured snippets with MUM; reducing false premise results by 40%

Google has announced several new enhancements to Google Search today that focus on improving the overall quality of the search results, while at the same time helping searchers evaluate the search quality of the results presented to them. Google has made improvements to featured snippets , its content advisories , and the about this result . Featured Snippets callouts now uses MUM and general consensus Featured snippets in Google Search will now use MUM to help understand if there is a general consensus for the information Google shows as callouts in these featured snippets. Google said that its “systems can now understand the notion of consensus” by using MUM, Multitask Unified Model . MUM has not been used to date in too many applications within Google Search, limited to COVID vaccine names , Google Lens features and some other applications – more on that here , including now featured snippets. Now, with the help of MUM, Google can understand if there is a consensus across the