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Why You Should Optimize Your Mobile Apps

An Insight into Mobile App Optimization

Are you aware of the fact that more than half of Google’s searches emerge from the mobile, rather than the desktop? This has forced major search engines to expand their services to the mobile platform.

The new generation search engines aim to get a picture of our interests and needs through our data and make themselves able enough to act on behalf of us. This requires implementation of the knowledge of structured data and mobile application. This show the importance mobile apps have gathered over the years.

The significance of mobile apps in the online Internet marketing is also portrayed by the fact that various fields in the business like the retail and travel have higher conversion rate through the mobile apps rather than the website. However, the path of conducting business through the application is not a lonely road. Recently, the Google Play Store claimed to have more than 2 million apps. Apple claims to have more than 100 billion app download from its app store.

After knowing the statistics, it is well understood how the competitive the app market is. Search engine optimization is not bound to traditional organic searches but also include app optimization. Just like SEO, we have ASO (App Store Optimization). It is a technique, by which you can increase the visibility of your app in the store.

Advertisement through the social media can be helpful in your marketing. Similar to the SEO, we also have definite sets of algorithm for the ASO. Hence, it is important for the marketers to gain knowledge about various factors contributing to these algorithms.

There are several factors responsible for ranking your app on search engine result pages. Some of them are discussed below.

Improving Your App Ranking

Title: The title is a very important part of your app. One should use a title that is short and easy to remember. This helps in spreading the name verbally. Another critical factor you should remember while naming the title is the keywords. The title should have the keywords, which are related to the app. This makes sure that the app is visible to the ideal audience. An online Internet marketing expert can suggest you to look for the keywords that have been used rarely. This reduces the competition faced by the title.

App Downloads: The number of downloads of a given app also influences the decision of the purchasers. People opt for apps that have been downloaded frequently. Hence initially, you should look to increase the number of downloads through friends, relatives and other social circles. You can provide free download for gaining popularity.

Rating: You should also give a thought to the rating of your app. People are often influenced by the rating of the app. You should constantly bring improvements and features to increase the rating.

Asset Optimization: Asset optimization refers to the impression the layout of your app has on the mind of users. Your app should have a professional and appealing look to attract users to download it. The icon of your app should be a creative and unique one. This can increase its popularity. You can review your asset optimization by checking for yourself how your app looks on mobile, PC and other devices. You should also check whether the icons are distinct and clear on these devices.

Understand the importance of mobile apps in online marketing and also the factors to keep in mind while designing an app. This helps in increasing your visibility in the online market.

Author Bio – Henry Trump is a popular SEO for dentists. He owns a dental SEO company which offers online promotional ideas to dentists.