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Funny Marketing Memes

1. Clients are really funny sometimes. They think if they throw spaghetti at a wall something will stick. The problem is that their spaghetti isn’t cooked. The strategy is the cooked spaghetti. Also, the longer you let it cook the better the chance that it will stick.

2. Yes...yes you do.

3. Again, yes...yes you do.

4. Unless you have a person dedicated to just marketing that is a savvy graphic designer, a wizard at analytics, a competent web developer, and is good at marketing then you might be on to something. If not you are probably better off letting an agency handle your marketing needs. 

5. Getting to the top of Google takes a lot of time and effort. Time is money and good effort costs money. So unless you are willing to invest both you will likely never see the top of a Google search. Unless you buy some ads. 

6. Isn't everyone? 

7. Won't happen but we will try. 

8. Personally I love remarking it is one of the steps to build brand loyalty. 

9. Memes are going to transc…

How to upload videos on YouTube and optimize it for maximum views

Title selection & Keyword research.

 #1 First chose a title for your video & Go to Adwords keywords research tools & Get the high authority keywords for the niche what you want to promote on youtube.

How to upload videos on YouTube and optimize it for maximum views

Uploading the video to Youtube.
 Learning the core strategy(on page)

#2 The Core Tactics (On Page):
Every Youtube video has 4 Parts:
a) Video : Rename the video with your Desired Keyword what you want to rank on YouTube/Google (Most Important) And Upload the video as “UNLISTED”.

b) Title : Divide the title in three Parts.
1. The main title what describes your niche best.
2. In part 2, Insert the main keyword what you have used to rename the video.
3. In part 3, Insert your secondary keyword matching the description & tags.

c) Description : Divide the Description in two Parts.
1. Your main description here including your TITLE at least 2 times in this section.
2. In part 2, Insert the Keyword set what you have got from ADWORDS Including title + Tags.

d) Tags : Main Keyword, Secondary Keyword, And other high authority Keywords.

After Uploading the video, set the video permission “PUBLIC”.

 Learning the core strategy(off page)

#3 In this part I will show you how Youtube and google can learn that it’s an important Video & should rank it higher on its search result.

No one can tell exactly how google and youtube search  engine works to rank up videos. But in this tutorial im about share you my personal experience on how i ranked up my videos.

Normally i upload a video then deliver fresh views & likes. So...
*** Now we need to derive some fresh views & likes  for the video. Please dont think your video will be ranked instantly. It takes a certain time for the best result.

If possible derive views & likes to your video or wait till then it gets the reasonable.

Now you are almost done.

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