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People failing is hilarious, and should always be recorded and put on the internet. Duh! I got this from YouTube, and there is much, much more to come.

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An Insight into Mobile App Optimization

Are you aware of the fact that more than half of Google’s searches emerge from the mobile, rather than the desktop? This has forced major search engines to expand their services to the mobile platform.

The new generation search engines aim to get a picture of our interests and needs through our data and make themselves able enough to act on behalf of us. This requires implementation of the knowledge of structured data and mobile application. This show the importance mobile apps have gathered over the years.

The significance of mobile apps in the online Internet marketing is also portrayed by the fact that various fields in the business like the retail and travel have higher conversion rate through the mobile apps rather than the website. However, the path of conducting business through the application is not a lonely road. Recently, the Google Play Store claimed to have more than 2 million apps. Apple claims to have more than 100 billion app download from its app store.

After knowing the statistics, it is well understood how the competitive the app market is. Search engine optimization is not bound to traditional organic searches but also include app optimization. Just like SEO, we have ASO (App Store Optimization). It is a technique, by which you can increase the visibility of your app in the store.

Advertisement through the social media can be helpful in your marketing. Similar to the SEO, we also have definite sets of algorithm for the ASO. Hence, it is important for the marketers to gain knowledge about various factors contributing to these algorithms.

There are several factors responsible for ranking your app on search engine result pages. Some of them are discussed below.

Improving Your App Ranking

Title: The title is a very important part of your app. One should use a title that is short and easy to remember. This helps in spreading the name verbally. Another critical factor you should remember while naming the title is the keywords. The title should have the keywords, which are related to the app. This makes sure that the app is visible to the ideal audience. An online Internet marketing expert can suggest you to look for the keywords that have been used rarely. This reduces the competition faced by the title.

App Downloads: The number of downloads of a given app also influences the decision of the purchasers. People opt for apps that have been downloaded frequently. Hence initially, you should look to increase the number of downloads through friends, relatives and other social circles. You can provide free download for gaining popularity.

Rating: You should also give a thought to the rating of your app. People are often influenced by the rating of the app. You should constantly bring improvements and features to increase the rating.

Asset Optimization: Asset optimization refers to the impression the layout of your app has on the mind of users. Your app should have a professional and appealing look to attract users to download it. The icon of your app should be a creative and unique one. This can increase its popularity. You can review your asset optimization by checking for yourself how your app looks on mobile, PC and other devices. You should also check whether the icons are distinct and clear on these devices.

Understand the importance of mobile apps in online marketing and also the factors to keep in mind while designing an app. This helps in increasing your visibility in the online market.

Author Bio – Henry Trump is a popular SEO for dentists. He owns a dental SEO company which offers online promotional ideas to dentists.

Why You Should Optimize Your Mobile Apps

Top Reasons Why You Need To Master Email Marketing

Staying ahead is the name of the game in marketing, and it is all the more applicable in digital marketing. All marketers have experienced the sheer frustration of having
mastered a marketing technique or tool, only to realize that it has become redundant. In digital marketing, trends are ever-evolving and the environment is always dynamic. The marketing team needs to forever learn new things to stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

However, amazing as it may sound, there is one marketing tool that remains popular
even if the delivery methods have changed somewhat over the years. Despite fast-
changing marketing trends, email has remained on top of the popularity rankings for
the last two decades, and as it turns out, will continue to be a force to be reckoned with for many more years to come. While there have been many changes within the field of email marketing as far as trends go, as a technique, it continues to remain an efficient and cost-effective marketing tool. The many reasons why email simply refuses to fade away:

Compatible with Mobile Devices

Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the sort of devices that people use to access the internet. While a considerable amount of internet traffic is still generated by desktops and laptops, mobile devices have come to the fore and now count for more than half of the web traffic in the world. Even though today there are more tabs and smartphones than the population of the world, the use of email has remained consistent with email being one of the first web platforms to make itself mobile compatible. Users love to be able to keep up with their email without being tied down to a desktop device.

Email Is Among the Cheapest Ways of Communication

Because there is no paper or printing involved, email scores very high on the aspect of cost-savings over conventional snail mail. There is also no need for envelopes and
postage, besides which, the communication is instantaneous. Even with the investment you need to make on hiring dependable email servers and to put security systems in place, emails are far cheaper to use. If you don’t want to conduct your email marketing campaigns by yourself then bulk email marketing services in Mumbai can be a very economical alternative.

The Official Communication Method Adopted By Business

 Only a few years back, it was the convention for all businesses to communication with their customers and suppliers by means of written letters. The arrival of the email as a swift and secure form of communication dramatically changed that scenario, and today, virtually every business communicates with its customers, suppliers, and even its employees by email. Gone are the days when paper communication was the preferred mode for bank and credit card statements; nowadays email is what most people prefer as it is quicker, easier to keep track of and portable. For internal communication as well, email is the way almost all organizations prefer to communicate. According to surveys, most people check their mail accounts around 15 times per day, spending around 13 hours per week on reading and writing emails – this presents a wonderful opportunity for advertising. Easy Integration with Other Marketing Channels Email marketing can be used very easily to supplement your efforts in brand promotion across other digital channels such as PPC advertising and social media. Because you can cross-promote very easily, you can reach a wider audience, have superior brand awareness and increased conversions.

Despite having been around for so many years, it is quite evident that email is not going off the radar for smart marketers anytime soon. If there is one method that marketers can count on for delivering superior performance and return on investment, it is email marketing. It has proved to be among the most resilient forms of communication even in the face of sweeping changes that digital marketing has seen and is likely to witness in the future.

Should You Master Email Marketing?

If you are one of the people who consider golf to be of the great pleasures in life, then you would undoubtedly love to visit the spectacular Alberta golf courses. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these golf courses offer the best of golf with the most beautiful views of nature, all served up in the lap of luxury! There is nothing like a round of golf in Golf Alberta to help you unwind after a long week at work or even for some serious team building after the success of a lucrative project! Golf Red Deer is also excellent for a family get-together where everyone in the family who is a golfing enthusiast can bond over their favorite game while the rest can relax and have fun with one of the many family entertainment activities available at the golf resort.

One of the specialties of the red deer golf courses is that you can play your golf as seriously as you want to with professional level commitment because these courses are maintained to extremely high professional standards befitting even the PGA, which they have even hosted of the Alberta Championships. So you can rest assured that you will have swing at the best that the golfing world has Golf Red Deer to offer in these resort level courses without having to compromise on anything else.

Another benefit of these golf courses is that you can get to concentrate on your game without any external distractions at all. You don’t have to worry about getting back to your office or home, about battling traffic jams and pollution, or even think about your next project. All you have to do is swing away, aiming to bring out the best in your game, and know for sure that your hard work will pay off, even when you know you are going to refresh yourself in the lap of the ultimate luxury afterwards. Whether it is gourmet food or personalized service or ultra luxurious accommodation, a holiday in these courses will help you enjoy life with even greater fervor.

Whether you choose to come to the Alberta golf courses alone or with a group of friends, colleagues, or family members, you can be sure you will return as a new person, filled with greater enthusiasm and joy, and of course, as a much better golfer than when you came in here!

Business mail: Golfcentralab@gmail.com

What Makes Alberta Golf Courses a Different than others?

Implementing Salesforce is not the easiest of tasks, especially if you are doing it for the first time, even though the CRM leader has tried a lot to make the process simple, logical and intuitive. A lot of people are also inclined to think that the biggest challenges to successful Salesforce implementation are technical, however, challenging as they may be, a lot of concerns are also related to planning and people. Some common mistakes that Salesforce administrators make:

Common Mistakes That You Should Watch Out For While Implementing Salesforce


#1 Failing to Obtain Adequate Project Support:

For any Salesforce implementation to succeed it is obvious that the participants will need to buy-in. However, many CTOs do not communicate the potential benefits of the implementation to the top management. As a result, there is very little support coming from the CEO and COO levels, and critically even the CFO level when there is a need to plow in large investments. It is vital that the senior management is enthused with the implementation project so that they can keep supporting it to its logical conclusion, and
thereafter on a continuing basis.

#2 Not Developing the Focus and Vision for the Implementation:

Any attempt to implement company-wide changes without a clear understanding of the vision and specific goals can only end in complete chaos and disaster. You need to get answers to the most vital questions of what it is that you want Salesforce to address, and very clearly spell out the various processes that are being targeted for improvement. It is necessary to find convincing answers to questions such as the expected deliverable of Salesforce and how it can help in the improvement of very specific goals of the business.

#3 Thinking That the Implementation Can Be Done Alone:

There is a common perception that Salesforce is extremely easy to implement and you can just get the CRM started out-of- the-box. It may be so for a few businesses but the majority would require a lot of handholding by experienced people to implement Salesforce with speed and precision required to make it a business tool for enhancing productivity. Not accessing the requisite knowledge and experience base would simply mean that your investment would be underused or worse lead to chaos inside the organization, affecting employee morale, customer loyalty, and business profitability.

#4 Not Cleaning Up the Database:

While all Salesforce administrators will be under pressure to migrate all the organization data as fast as possible, it is important that the data selected is accurate and unduplicated. The process of Salesforce data migration is, in fact, a very good opportunity to clean up their database so that it is accurate and up to date. While no doubt Salesforce is capable of storing, managing, and analyzing very large volumes of customer data, there is a very little point of letting the reports being poisoned by dirty data that serves no purpose. Dirty data can encompass everything from blank fields to inaccuracies, and out of date information. It
is also a very good policy to conduct a test migration so that you can prepare for challenges that could come up during the actual migration. To clear out and organize multiple versions and revisions you could use version control systems like SalesforceGitand SalesforceGitHub.

#5 Not Allowing For Customizations:

While Salesforce has built up a formidable reputation for being a robust CRM platform that can be successfully implemented across all businesses, it is extremely unlikely that you would not require any customizations to make it conform to the specific environment of your business. If you have not planned for customizations then you are going to have to make your organization’s business processes conform to that of Salesforce; a move that will usually meet with severe resistance internally. The practical alternative is usually to tweak Salesforce to your requirements with additional time and costs that were perhaps not included in the original project scope.

While Salesforce has a well-deserved reputation for helping organizations to increase revenue and profitability as well as bettering customer service and loyalty, it is important that your implementation is planned well for least disruption and maximum benefits.

Author: Jack Dawson is a database admin and Salesforce user in an IT firm. He has worked on the platform for over four years and has recently started a blog on how to enhance your productivity and get the most out of Salesforce by using custom dashboards and tools like SalesforceGit and SalesforceGitHub.

Common Mistakes That You Should Watch Out For While Implementing Salesforce

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